Enjoying Halloween in Itaewon sparks debate online

Controversy has arisen over whether visiting Seoul's popular nightlife district Itaewon to cele …

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Questions remain after passage of anonymous birth bill

The National Assembly on Friday passed a bill allowing women to give birth anonymously at hospitals …

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[Test Drive] BMW 5 Series makes more powerful, elegant comeback

BMW’s 5 Series, one of the bestselling premium sedans in Korea, has returned with full-change upgrad …

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Jungkook of BTS to hold fan showcase on Nov. 20

Global pop star Jungkook will hold a fan showcase, “Jungkook Golden Live On Stage,” at Jangchung Mun …

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[Today’s K

NCT127 will kick off its third international tour with concerts in Seoul next month, label SM Entert …

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Four days of jazz festivities take over Jara Island

GAPYEONG, Gyeonggi Province -- South Korea’s biggest jazz festival completed its four-day run on Mon …

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